PLAN HANDLING: $360.00 per hour
Standard: $360.00 per hour. Minimum fee of $1,800.00 to be paid in advance.

CODE CONSULTING: $600.00 per hour
Standard: $600.00 per hour. Minimum fee of $1,800.00 to be paid in advance.

Exclusive Consulting: $6,000.00 per “exclusive use” day (by reservation only, includes all out-of-area work).
$3,000.00 per “exclusive use” half-day (by reservation only, Houston area only).

Subscription Consulting: $5,000.00 per month provides a firm with a base of 10 “general usage” hours per month. Additional “project specific” time will be invoiced at $500.00 per hour. An exclusive use day will be invoiced at $5,000.00 per day.
Subscription rates are based on a one year term.

Please contact us regarding rates for Legal Research and Expert Testimony.

All work is billed on an hourly basis.
Payment is expected within 20 days of the invoice date for all service invoices.

REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES, such as travel outside the Houston area, long distance telephone calls, photographs, multi-media productions, and multiple copies of reports, are reimbursable. These expenses will be invoiced separately and are

GOVERNMENTAL FEES are the clients responsibility.  If we are to pay governmental fees, an advance be on deposit with us for the estimated amount of the fees.  Upon receiving a written guarantee of IMMEDIATE REIMBURSEMENT, we will advance funds for the payment of these fees.

DELINQUENT INVOICES are those invoices which have not been paid within 30 days of the invoice date.